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the chocolate makers



Several years ago, on a trip to a farmer’s market, some cocoa beans caught our attention. It was such an odd curiosity, that we naturally had to buy some.

After, some hard work with a mortar and pestle, we ended up with our first chocolate bar (well, sort of). One thing led to another, and we were deep down this rabbit hole before we knew it.


Over the years, we went from making chocolate for ourselves to making chocolates for friends and family and finally for larger events. We have devoted ourselves to perfecting the art of making single-origin chocolate bars and creating unique chocolate-based treats, including truffles, chocolate-based desserts, chocolate nut butter, hot chocolate mixes, and more. 


Besides chocolate, Pradeep enjoys soccer and has been an ardent Liverpool fan for two decades! Deeksha loves the world of the outdoors - running, hiking, backpacking. Together, we love skiing, and kayaking our way through many beautiful landscapes.

We live in Fremont, California and are dedicated to making the city smell of chocolate.

Thank you for all the help!

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